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Training And Coaching Services

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Increased Engagement

Increased Productivity

Higher Talent Retention

Training and Coaching Options


  • Grow Professional Skills
  • Empowering Those You Lead
  • Increase Engagement with Those You Lead
  • Improve Tangible Results & Vital Metrics
  • Develop Critical Principles & Values


  • Increase Respect & Care
  • Demonstrate Inclusion & Significance
  • Improve Listening 
  • Increase Engagement & Productivity
  • Improve Conflict Resolution


  • Raise Proactive Thinking & Tracking
  • Improve Safety Metrics
  • Practice for Implementation
  • Gain Perspective through Assessments
  • Equip Personnel to Win Safely


  • Improve Communication in Teams
  • Increase Engagement & Cooperation
  • Improve Accountability & Performance
  • Gain More Collaboration
  • Resolve Issues Efficiently
  • Utilize Team Synergies
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Other Services

Public Training Sessions

Speaking Engagements

Meeting Facilitation

 Many clients try us first by attending our public 1-day course “Communicating to Increase Engagement and Cooperation

Mike and Ross address many leadership, communication, and safety topics in their speaking engagements.

For outside assistance to help facilitate critical meetings, we can help.

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Our Team Helping Your Team

Our staff will lead your teams through a process of discovery to uncover the issues and barriers to improved performance, while engaging your employees to identify and take ownership of implementing solutions.

B. R., Plant Manager, John Deere

“This training is the ‘icing on the cake’ for doing the most critical task - communicating.”

B. S., Supervisor, STS Lafayette

"Absolutely the best leadership course I have ever attended in my 30 years in the oilfield!”

It's Easy To Work Together

Discovery Consultation

Discussions to uncover history, issues, needs, and solutions.  We work with you to craft a customized training, coaching, and follow-up plan of action.

Execute Your Customized Plan

With your support and involvement, we implement the process of developing your people to a higher level of performance.

Lead A Thriving Organization

Your highly engaged workforce achieves new levels of measurement in productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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