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Since 1999, Accelerated Leadership has unlocked GREATER SUCCESS for hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals by raising the standard of leadership, communication, teamwork, and safety through highly impactful trainingcoaching, and consulting.

Mike Williams

Senior Partner, Founder

Years back I found myself unmotivated and discouraged at a job and blamed my boss for it.  Justified or not, I had to work hard at getting my attitude right, regardless of his actions.  Once I straightened myself out, I turned my attention to the question “What exactly does a leader need to do to inspire an employee to want to give his/her best? That became my motivation for studying leadership and starting two companies in the personnel development world...

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Ross Trahan

Senior Partner

Early in my career I wondered why I would sometimes lose contracts to competition that was less qualified and even had a higher price.  It wasn’t until I went to a communication skills training that I realized that I was not truly listening. I was failing to speak the customer’s language or truly address their needs.  As I began learning how to improve my communication skills the world began to open up to me.  I also notice that those I lead were often unsatisfied...

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Discussions to uncover history, issues, needs, and solutions.  We work with you to craft a customized training, coaching, and follow-up plan of action.

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With your support and involvement, we implement the process of developing your people to a higher level of performance.

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Your highly engaged workforce achieves new levels of measurement in productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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