Ross Trahan

Senior Partner

   Early in my career I wondered why I would sometimes lose contracts to competition that was less qualified and even had a higher price.  It wasn’t until I went to a communication skills training that I realized that I was not truly listening. I was failing to speak the customer’s language or truly address their needs.  

   As I began learning how to improve my communication skills, the world began to open up to me. I also noticed that those I led were often unsatisfied and argumentative. When a friend made the astute observation that the problem may be me, I was shocked at the possibility.  Thus, began my journey in learning how to lead others effectively.

   Many years later I now make a living passing on what I wish someone would have shown me earlier in my career. It has been fulfilling to work with hundreds of leaders from many companies and from different industries, to make a difference and improve lives. I am continuing to learn because leadership, like safety, is a journey not a destination. 

   I have a strong passion to see leaders reach their potential and bring benefit to all they lead. I get great satisfaction in helping leaders and their organizations reach their next level of success. That is why I facilitate, train, coach, and consult. 

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Communication Skills

Employee Engagement

Conflict Management

Behavioral Safety

Culture Change/Alignment

Training Design/Development

Business Planning/Innovation