Mike Willams

Senior Partner, Founder

Years back I found myself unmotivated and discouraged at a job and blamed my boss for it.  Justified or not, I had to work hard at getting my attitude right, regardless of his actions.  Once I straightened myself out, I turned my attention to the question “What exactly does a leader need to do to inspire an employee to want to give his/her best? That became my motivation for studying leadership and starting two companies in the personnel development world.

Now, with 31 years as a professional trainer and coach, it has been my passion to help leaders grow in their ability to influence and motivate others to full engagement, which leads to greater success for all parties.  Our team makes it personal—we care deeply about each individual and team we work with and how we can help them apply values, skills, and tools to the challenges both at work and at home. We love our work, because when leaders grow, everyone wins.

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